Travel Writing

I usually feel a sort of comfort knowing that when I look up at the night sky there will be the generous cup of the big dipper—sometimes holding the liquid night close, sometimes tipped up as if it itself had just poured out the bright droplets of the stars, but always there regardless.

Invisible Forces
A Plate of Pandemic
August 23, 2022


Seeing someone living a life so different from your own is disorienting. You search for the holes, the question marks, looking for a reason to justify the path you’ve taken.

The Difference Between Choosing Your Life and Accepting It
Human Parts
June 11, 2019
2020 Solas Awards Honorable Mention


I stood there, looking at her. I felt my frustration simmering. Inwardly, I yelled at myself to stop. Stop! But a gusty sigh burbled up anyway.

Mother-Daughter Collisions in Italy
The Evansville Review
2019 Solas Awards Honorable Mention


This landscape, with its tides rushing in and out, warm summer sun and ocean brine is what nourishes Rhode Island’s quahogs day after day. It’s why a taste of clam cakes becomes something far more elemental — the taste of Rhode Island itself.

Move Over, Lobster Roll
USA Today
Summer 2018


I’d synced with the wave’s rhythm, my body humming with its invisible current.

Chasing that Feeling
Adventure Collection
November 18, 2017


I clicked the flashlight on and off a bit, delighting in the slight panic that prickled in my gut every time the darkness rushed up around me. Like pushing a bruise even when you know it will hurt, there’s a sort of satisfaction in the confirmation.

Radiant Darkness
Hidden Compass
August 3, 2017


Like boxers too long in the ring, the Patagonian mountains bore the scars of thousands and thousands of years of pummeling. Glacial erosion had shaped the land; the elements had defined its brutal character.

Ferocious Beauty
Adventure Collection
May 3, 2017


The immediate vividness of the scent’s conjurations startled me. Instantly, it had taken root in my brain and sprouted into a fully formed landscape.

The Sense We All Should Use More Often When Traveling
October 12, 2016


Under an awning of matted vines entangling the branches of the ceiba, we drank and danced. The sky was clotted with gray clouds that seemed to trap the energy being thrown off by our bodies, sending it swirling back into our limbs as we spun and swayed.

Pura Vida 
July 26, 2016
2018 Solas Awards Gold Winner, Women’s Travel


I feel like a fraud. Up until recently, I knew nothing about El Salvador. Now I’m suddenly spokeswoman for the wronged and maligned?

An American Girl in El Salvador
Transitions Abroad
March 2013
Narrative Travel Writing Contest 3rd Place Winner


The arts field as a whole has always been a progenitor of bold ideas and experimentation – and at present, is grappling with the bold idea that individual arts organizations might quiet their own ideas and perspectives in order to give voice to those around them – whether those voices originate from within their own arts community, or somewhere entirely new and unexpected.

Ceding Control: Exploring Community-led Curatorial Models
February 3, 2014


These people were out to see what at what time?!
That would be a boulder, at 4 a.m.

On-the-Ground Communications Strategies

California Association of Museums
December 14, 2013


…It builds a framework to enable the arts to do what they do best: unleash myriad stories and possibilities that can flow from a single theme or idea.

Ditching Demographics: A Holistic Approach to Arts Engagement
December 6, 2013


What if funders were to view experimentation as a mandatory component of operations, and organizations were held accountable for being actively engaged in exploratory practices?

Accountability Through Experimentation
November 18, 2013


What mattered was not the museum’s agenda, but the community’s.

Building Community Partnerships by Meeting Needs and Utilizing Assets
California Association of Museums
October 2, 2013


…the arts are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to simultaneously increase their donor base and their capacity for fulfilling their mission by strategically uniting their development and engagement efforts.

Silo Smashing: How Can We Blend Fundraising and Programming?
September 19, 2013


Was it possible for the museum to remain visible and viable in a community if, technically, there was no museum?

Bringing the Museum to the Community
California Association of Museums
July 24, 2013


Forget the stats and work with the values already in place: the arts contribute to the overall vibrancy and connectedness of a community; investment in the arts is an investment in our community.

A New Look at Arts Advocacy
Emerging Arts Professionals Blog
January 9, 2013


The arts are at their best when in service to their respective communities. Only then can they truly enhance our world through their powerful ability to provoke thought, challenge norms, and show us the beauty hovering otherwise unseen in the everyday.

Gentrification and the Arts
Emerging Arts Professionals Blog
December 3, 2012